Plant Sales

The complete range of machines is fully catered for by us. Starting at 14 ton and working its way up to 52 ton, Atlas has cornered the specialist markets in Material handling, Road building and Railway infrastructure Atlas builds the machine to match your application.

Material Handlers

Specialising in the wheeled machines the legendary 1804mi now known as the 350MH is going strong since its original design 26 years ago. Minor tweaks in recent years has achieved 1.5ton additional lift capacity in the main working area without the addition of more counterweight. Atlas have expanded this formula to the full range of material handlers from the nifty 16ton to the massive 52 ton

Mobile Excavators

the original and best. The Atlas machine is the first choice for owner driver machine in the market for a reason. The lift and drive capacity based on the excellent balance of chassis is the result of 50 years of innovation. The hydraulics are responsive to the driver’s exact movements on the levers. Smooth and strong with plenty of power left in the tank.

Road Rail Excavators

known for their strength and excellent balance they are the number one choice for tandem lifting on rail. Due to the unique hydraulic services available at the end of the boom the Atlas can operate every tool attachment used in rail maintenance / construction. The linde hydraulics can deliver a massive 380 litres of oil to the hydraulic system meaning you can operate your attachments to the max.

Track machines

loaded with all the design features of the mobile excavator superstructure – the undercarriage has many options from long under carriage, extra chain guides, chain guards , dozer blade and the choice of 2 types of drive control. The more popular ISO control of 2 levers or for the real old timer operator that still wants to drive in a perfect straight line. This is ideal for ensuring that your travel line is always running straight regardless of any other hydraulic operation. A great application for drainage works.

Why Buy Atlas?

The Atlas Machines are:

  • Smooth , refined and strong -all the attributes that a skilled driver wants in a machine.
  • Reliable ,robust , long life, good back up service – all the things an owner wants in a machine.
  • Cost effective, Fuel efficient, strong second hand value – all the things your financial controller wants